Monday, August 09, 2004

"Jeffrey" makes a triumphant return at the Cato Institute. Posted by Hello

Monday, July 19, 2004

Peter at Kampire Falls, surrounded by forest. Posted by Hello

A tiny frog at Kampire on Iriomote. Posted by Hello

An osprey along the Urauchi River. Posted by Hello

Ushihara-san (spelling?) plays shamisen on Ishigaki. Posted by Hello

A rare box turtle on Iriomote, flipped over. Posted by Hello

He flips himself over! Posted by Hello

The turtle scampers off. Posted by Hello

A surfer at Todomari beach. Posted by Hello

Kinsei-san washes his face at Kampire. Posted by Hello

Chie-san swinging in Iriomote. Posted by Hello

Kinsei-san plays the shamisen and Masaki-san drums with Pin-san, Chimani-san, and Chie-san watching. Posted by Hello

Many of us at Kampire falls, Iriomote. Posted by Hello

On our way to go snorkeling at Iriomote. Posted by Hello

A heron along the Urauchi River in Iriomote. Posted by Hello

Chie-san, Peter and Julie in the back of the truck at Iriomote. Posted by Hello

I like butterflies. Posted by Hello

Chinami-san and Rose. Posted by Hello

Chie-san dancing. Posted by Hello

Chie-san dances at Kinsei-san's house Posted by Hello

Chie-san at Todamari beach, Iriomote. Posted by Hello

A black butterfly lights on an akabana Posted by Hello

Chie-san and Julie with Kinsei-san's puppy ... Posted by Hello

Thursday, July 08, 2004

A scorpionfish off Maeda Point in Okinawa. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

... or, as Penny does here, take a rest in the shade.  Posted by Hello