Wednesday, June 16, 2004

... or, as Penny does here, take a rest in the shade.  Posted by Hello

After a hard day's runnin' around, it's nice to find a sunbeam ... Posted by Hello

Penny's crate is in the dining room, with Russell's bed in the kitchen (though he uses the couch and my chair, too). Posted by Hello

The dogs get along great. They hang out on the deck and chase each other -- Russell never catches Penny, who I suspect has a bit of Jack Russell in her somewhere. Posted by Hello

The garden's gonna love the new canine combination. I can tell already.  Posted by Hello

... but she'll also run on her own with this favorite toy, a tennis ball. Posted by Hello

She loves to run and be chased. Here, Russell chases her ... Posted by Hello

The new pup -- her name is Penny now thanks to a wifely veto. She's great whatever name you use. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Kari, my uncle Dave, and the two hound dogs relax on the couch.  Posted by Hello

Chloe settles in at her new digs next to Kari. Posted by Hello

Taken with my camera phone, say hello to our new baby dog ... I say her name is Chloe. Kari isn't sure yet. She's 11 weeks, and we got her from Cascadia Basset Rescue.  Posted by Hello

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Kari with the world's largest lapdog. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

After our eight-mile day and his belly-filling experience, he's ready for a nap.  Posted by Hello

After a hard day of hiking, Russell decides to clean my plates for me. How thoughtful. Posted by Hello

It's a little-known rule about Basset Hounds -- all hound owners must try to capture as many different floppy-face images as possible. From a composition standpoint, not my best work. But wow, look at that skin fly. Posted by Hello

And he's off!  Posted by Hello

Russell catches a scent. Posted by Hello

Hounds aren't built for climbing rocks. Russell laments this fact.  Posted by Hello

... and tries to scientifically test the Nikon D70's drool-resistance feature. Posted by Hello

Russell investigates the creek ... Posted by Hello

Told you so about the creek.  Posted by Hello

Once we got into some lingering snow, we stopped to have lunch by a scenic creek. Posted by Hello

The hound is anxious to get on up the trail and for me to quit taking photos.  Posted by Hello

On Memorial Day weekend, Russell and I hiked Church Mountain. This is the North Fork of the Nooksack River from a few miles into the hike.  Posted by Hello